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Headquarter in Fullerton CA, Digital Aztlan, a multimedia company, was establised in 1997 with an aspiration to provide the underrepresented Latino Community an outlet to express their ideas, music, film, and art.Digital Aztlan specializes in Web Site Design and Hosting, Journalism, Film and Video Production, Photography, and Music Producing.

By maintaining a strong obligation to convey an accurate view of Latino Culture, by demystifying common stereotypes bestowed upon Latinos, by furnishing a forum for Latinos across the world to network, Digital Aztlan continues to provide leadership with its revolutionary approach to contemporary technology., the Internetís original Latino webzine, is the flagship of Digital Aztlan. Back in 1997 when it was created, many of the established and highly financed Websites predicated would succumb to failure. Through the persistence of the founding members, they were able to create the first legit online Latino community. Today, enjoys 8,000+ unique visitors a day, and over 3 MILLION page views a month.

Founder's Bio::
With the rapid pace of technology in the new millennium, one company has embraced the digital revolution to educate and entertain the neo-Aztecs of today. Named after the binary code (Digital) that makes the world go round and the mythical homeland of the Aztecs (Aztlan). Digital Aztlan was established by two computer science students from Cal State University, Fullerton in 1997. Sal Rojas (CEO) was born in East Los Angeles home to the capital of Chicano Culture. Javier Oseguera (CTO) was born where Mexico was born. The place the Aztecs called Tenochtitlan, their capital city to their awe-inspiring Empire. Today ďLa Gran TenochtitlanĒ is now called Mexico City, the place where the Aztecs found the eagle on the cactus with a writhing serpent as prophesied by their Aztec deities decades earlier. Taking inspiration from the ancient ruins of the Aztecs and Mayan from our glorious past and the struggles of the modern-day barrios of Aztlan.Digital Aztlan as inheritors of the past and architects of the future we will continue to represent for the people of the sun.

Past Projects::
The Ollin Project and Pass The Mic! A Latinos in Hip Hop Documentary are the latest projects produced by Digital Aztlan. Five years in the making, Pass The Mic! dwells into the underground world of Latino Hip Hop Music, exploring the intricate details that makes this genre so distinctive. Directed by Digital Aztlanís Richard Montes and produced by Digital Aztlan President Sal Rojas, Pass The Mic! has generated a buzz among the Los Angeles Music Community and created controversy along the way by showing an accurate and unbiased view of the Music Recording Industry. The highly praised The Ollin Project is a music compilation featuring Los Angelesí preeminent underground Artists. The Ollin Project showcases the rather unique voice that has typically been silenced.

Digital Aztlan, and/or itís employees and their work have appeared or been featured in the following: Urban Latino TV, Mun2 TV (Off the Roof), PBS (Cris Franco Show), Blvd Magazine, Vibe Magazine, The Source Magazine, Fox 11 News (Latin Hip-Hop Special), Zonas de Obras Magazine (Spain), Al Borde Magazine, Raza Radio 99.1, Los Angeles Times Newspaper, Lowrider Magazine, Galavision, KJLA, KRLA, KBBT, KPWR, KGGI, KPFK, The Hip-Hop Show, Hip-Hop Nation, Inferno Magazine, The Ill-Tip Magazine, KAOS Film Festival, Seditious Beatsí Radio Show, BMG music compilation.

Partial list of past/current Clients::
Krazy Race, Joker Brand Clothing, The Psycho Realm, Boca Magazine, American Indian Actor Litefootís Red Vinyl, Mellow Man Ace, Sur Streetwear Clothing, radio DJ Seditious Beats, Los Angelesí television show The Hip Hop Show, record labels Latino Jam Records, alternative musicís Los Tumbados, as well as numerous Latino Hip-Hop Artists.

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